Here is a non-exhaustive list of projects I have built or worked on during the years:

La TechnoTireuse (An automatic beer tap)

This project was put together for The Deconstruction hack-weekend. We were a team of 7 and I primarily worked on the automation code and electronics with a friend. This project was subsequently exposed at the Karnaval Humanitaire music festival in Lyon, France. More info here.
I don't actually have that accent, really.

technotireuse is a IoT (Internet of Things) time series database I threw together for some projects I have going on around the house (Open Energy Monitor, Pollution Sensing etc.). It's based on OpenTSDB, and you can know more about it here. It's basically a Django wrapper around OpenTSDB and only took a weekend to develop. I still need to throw in user-side creation of accounts but other than it works:

This is the particle pollution sensor on my roof in Paris btw, live updates.

Low-Cost Pollution Sensors

I built two low-cost, high-precision pollution sensors for a local non-profit that I cofounded, LaboCitoyen. The NO2 sensor was featured/used in numerous documentaries on traffic-based pollution in Paris, most notably by Envoyé Spécial and "Cash Investigation". I still need to write up docs for Duster, but here is a description of Gasser, a portable GPRS-connected high-precision (<10ppb) NO2 sensor that costs < €300.

gasser img

Kinect-Controlled Reading

For the 2012 Salon du Livre et Presse Jeunesse I built a kinect-controlled reading application. I designed and implemented the gesture detection system as well as an NFC-based user-management system that would allow users to initialize the system to their parameters. I used MiFare-based cards along with Raspberry-Pis and usb-dongle NFC readers all interconnected over ethernet to allow incoming users to check in at a main desk, and then badge themselves in once in the reading room. More info here.

Kinect SLPJ


For my friends' music group Le Bonk, Paul and I built a MIDI-controlled light controller, so that my buddy could light up the words to their song by simply sequencing a couple notes on a new instrument. I took care of electronics + code, Paul built the boxes and cabled them. More info here.


Live-Streaming ARDrone

I built a live-streaming ARDrone for EELV, the French Green Party. I used Parrot's open-source linux client, that allows the video feed from the ARDrone to be live-streamed to Unfortunately the drone was never put to use during an actual demonstration for legal reasons (it is illegal to fly a drone in Paris, and since this is an actual legal party, we chose not to risk problems). The code is up on github.

Remote Sensing of Windmill Production

I was commissioned to build a system to remotely monitor wind speed & direction, as well as electricity production of a 10kW windmill in southern France. More information here.

wind logger

Animôx Lumineux

I helped the Karnaval out with an interactive installation for "La Fête des Lumières" in Lyon. With the help of a kinect and a USB->DMX converter, I allowed passer-bys to engage directly with a bunch of light-up paper-maché animals. The animals were all hand-made by members of the Karnaval Humanitaire. The setup is probably best explained by this video:

I used the NITE drivers with the OpenNI framework. I then piped the skeleton coordinates out to a python script that took care of figuring out which direction a user was pointing. A simple calibration step during installation to point out where the animals were to the system is all that was necessary to get things up and running.

Champis Lumineux

The year before the Animôx Lumineux, I made some big paper mushrooms interactive. The amount they light up is proportional either to someone's Blood-Alcohol Content or to their distance with the mushroom. A more complete installation was done the same year to change the color of the Karnaval's outdour bar depending on clients' BAC. More information here. Once again, a video is worth 10^10 words:

Heat-Sensitive Lightswitch

These are objects that try to remind users the work that goes into even the most mundane actions, such a turning on a light or sitting down. This particular object is a light switch that won't function until it's warmed up slightly by the user's touch. More information here.


Experimental Rocketry

I was part of my school's Experimental Rocketry club, CLES-FACIL for 2 years, and this is where I learned most of my initial electronics and embedded programming skills. My first year's project was to help in programming the autopilot for a paragliding robot that was to be ejected from the rocket at its apex. The second project was a re-iteration with a much better flying robot and lighter rocket, which I detail more here.

The team: team

And some images on flickr.

RFID-Enabled Door

My rocketry club has a door, and this door has 2 keys. There are 30 members. Needless to say this is a mess.

The answer? RFID reader (based on the RC500) + NSLU2 + Python + SQLLite + 50 MiFare Light RFID cards from Hong Kong! I christen thee Ellegua.


I was a co-founder and developed most of the time-caching database for Open Near Me, a startup that allows you to know what is open right now nearby. This was sometime in early 2007, so right around when Yelp was starting up, and we were (as far as we knew) the first site to offer such functionality. The site still runs and has a small-is following in the Boston area (although you've probably never heard of it, which is OK). This was a good lesson in the amount of work necessary to actually get a startup off the ground!

Hackdays 'n Stuff

I've also built/help build some cool stuff during hackdays: