My name is Gabriel Dulac-Arnold and this is my web page.

I obtained my PhD at LIP6, part of Université Pierre et Marie Curie under the supervision of Ludovic Denoyer, Philippe Preux and Patrick Gallinari. My research deals primarily with applying reinforcement learning techniques to more 'traditional' machine learning problems. I recently co-organised a workshop on this subject at ICML '13.

I will be graduating in February 2014. I defended my thesis February 7! I am currently looking for interesting research opportunities in approximate reinforcement learning and latent feature spaces.

I enjoy photography, and bring my trusty Canon 40D around with me on most of my travels. You can see the result on my flickr page.

I also play with electronics, and build various things


February 2014

My thesis defense is February 7th at 14:30. More information here.

June 2013

I co-organized the Predicting with Sequential Models workshop at ICML '13 with Djalel, Bálázs and Ludovic. We had John Langford, Hugo Larochelle, and Csaba Szepesvári as invited speakers. The workshop was really interesting (unbiased opinion) and brought together a lot of different approaches to a common problem.

Summer 2012

I was at the Deep Learning & Feature Learning summer school at IPAM/UCLA. Thanks go to the NSF for funding our stay and travel.